Silicon Oxide Raman Spectrum

The modern electronics industry often requires exceptionally reliable, high-performance, increasingly miniaturized devices. For this reason, it is essential that certain dielectrics, such as silicon oxide (SiO2), should be of the highest quality. Generally, SiO2 and other low-k dielectric materials play a vital role in the semiconductor industry. Moreover, in the microelectronics industry, SiO2 is one of the most indispensable materials used widely in the fabrication of integrated circuits.

Detailed graph of SiO2 raman response
Detailed graph of SiO2 Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of SiO2

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful, nondestructive tool commonly applied to characterize SiO2 films. Since Raman scattering in thin films is significantly affected by optical interference, the position of a particular peak is strongly correlated with the layer thickness of SiO2. This peak is quite broad, and with decreasing layer thickness, it shifts to the low-energy side of SiO2 Raman spectra.

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