Titanium Oxide Raman Spectrum

Titanium oxide (dioxide) is a crystal with heat-sensitive color. It turns yellow when heated and becomes discolored upon cooling. The substance is known for several modifications of its crystalline structure, with each one having distinct characteristic properties. Titanium dioxide with a chemical purity of 99.9998% is commonly used in manufacturing medical equipment, fiber-optic products, ultra-pure, heat-resistant, and optical glass, as well as in the radio-electronic industry.

Detailed graph of TiO2 raman response
Detailed graph of TiO2 Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of TiO2

Since different applications require specific modifications of TiO2, accurately identifying certain structures of titanium dioxide becomes of critical importance. TiO2 Raman spectroscopy is among the most effective methods fit for the task. It provides a relatively straightforward way of testing various sorts of substances — even powders. The experimental evidence shows the Raman spectral data for a single crystal and polycrystalline material to be very similar. Therefore, in practice, the TiO2 Raman spectra of powder samples are compared against the published single-crystal database.

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