Silicon Carbide Raman Spectrum

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a material with more than 130 variants of polytypes. All of them exhibit refractory nature and high thermal conductivity, yet each one has a unique lattice and electronic structure. There are several kinds of polytypes that attract much interest in the field of semiconductor devices. For example, because of its high electron mobility, 3C-SiC material is considered promising for the electronic devices rated for high temperature, whereas 6H-SiC is studied in view of the prospective development of blue light-emitting diodes due to its large bandgap of 2.9 eV. Since in device-related applications crystal quality plays a crucial role, the characterization of the SiC epilayers and identification of the heteroepitaxy become absolutely essential.

Detailed graph of SiC raman response
Detailed graph of SiС Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of SiC

Hence, SiC Raman spectra can be used to identify various polytypes, determine the amount of their composite mixture, and distinguish the heteroepitaxy of thin layers.

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