Polystyrene Raman Spectrum

Polystyrene is a colorless solid material – a thermoplastic polymer with linear structure, obtained as a product of styrene polymerization. It is utilized widely in many different fields, such as the household sphere of human activity, water filtering, construction and medical industries, fabrication of dielectric antennas and coaxial cables, etc.

Detailed graph of Polystyrene raman response
Detailed graph of Polystyrene Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of Polystyrene

One important application of Polystyrene is producing thin polymer films that are essential coating elements in various devices, including sensors and medical implants. For example, when a polymer film of a certain thickness is deposited on a metal film with an air layer, it acts as a radiative or "leaky" waveguide that can be used as a biosensor in clinical diagnosis and bacterial analysis. Furthermore, Polystyrene Raman spectroscopy has the advantage of measuring chemical content, structure, and thickness simultaneously at several different interfaces, for instance, those of glass or even sapphire.

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