Tungsten Disulfide Raman Spectrum

A monolayer of WS2 contains a single layer of metal atoms hexagonally packed between the two trigonal atomic layers of chalcogenide atoms. In a single-layer form, both the absence of interlayer coupling and the lack of inversion symmetry (for supported films) lead to the optical and electronic properties that differ markedly from those of the bulk.

Detailed graph of WS2 raman response
Detailed graph of WS2 Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of WS2

With the development of various ultrathin WS2‐based devices, there has been a rapidly growing demand for the capabilities of the unique feature characterization and easy identification of atom-thick flakes. In this regard, WS2 Raman spectroscopy enables not only the estimation of the number of layers but also the investigation of virtually imperceptible features related to electronic band structure and phonon dispersion — all made possible through the resonant Raman scattering.

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