Tungsten Diselenide Raman Spectrum

Transition metal dichalcogenide WSe2 is a layered structure stacked by weak van der Waals forces, where a single Se–W–Se layer has a covalently bonded hexagonal quasi-two-dimensional lattice formation. Having a truly remarkable chemical and mechanical stability, these structures offer new physics — various quantum confinement effects amplified in quasi-2D.

Detailed graph of WSe2 raman response
Detailed graph of WSe2 Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of WSe2

In particular, it has been found that as the number of dimensions is reduced, going from bulk to a monolayer, the WSe2 Raman mode located near 250 cm−1 splits into two peaks, at approximately 250 and 261 cm−1, as a result of broken degeneracy. Therefore, WSe2 Raman spectroscopy makes it possible to understand the vibrational properties of crystals and gain detailed insight into their physical characteristics.

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