Gallium Nitride Raman Spectrum

GaN is an attractive material from the point of view of its existing and prospective applications in blue/UV light emitters/lasers as well as high-power electronics. Thus, for example, GaN-based blue laser diodes (LDs) and green and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have already been commercialized as a result. All LDs, LEDs, and other such devices have a multilayer structure grown on an epitaxial GaN thin layer, few microns thick, on a sapphire substrate. For this reason, the characterization of the epitaxial GaN on sapphire is of critical importance.

Detailed graph of GaN raman response
Detailed graph of GaN Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of GaN

GaN Raman spectra allow us to determine nondestructively the electrical properties of the material using optical techniques. The spectral difference between the GaN/sapphire interface and the GaN layer indicates the spatial variation in the strains in the direction of the film growth, within a thickness of few microns. Therefore, GaN Raman spectroscopy enables easy and quick nondestructive material characterization, ensuring prompt feedback of the data on the grown material.

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