Amorphous Carbon Raman Spectrum

Amorphous carbon is an elemental form of carbon with low hydrogen content deposited in a thin film by way of the impact of high-energy carbon atoms or ions. This particular film formation has aroused considerable scientific interest owing to its compelling mechanical properties.

Detailed graph of Amorphous Carbon raman response
Detailed graph of Amorphous Carbon Raman response

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Raman spectroscopy of amorphous carbon

Amorphous carbon Raman spectroscopy has been proven a reliable method of estimating several mechanical characteristics of the substance, including hydrogenation and optical gap. This technique can be employed to describe the correlation between Raman spectral patterns and film deposition conditions, as well as key physical properties of the material and its structure at the molecular level. Due to resonance enhancement effects, amorphous carbon leads to the characteristic behavior of Raman spectra that depends not only on the deposition conditions but also on the choice of the Raman excitation wavelength.

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