Scientists use our SERS substrates for the state-of-the-art research

NEWS Feb 18, 2022

Currently, the incidence of –°ovid-19 has reached frightening records: about 3 million new cases worldwide daily. That is why it is critically important to create reliable express-tests that unambiguously define if the person is contagious or not. Our new clients are biologists. We have fabricated unique reusable biochips directly for their purposes. Our chips will be used by scientists as prospective express-tests of the virus SARS-CoV-2.

Our biochip is a substrate with two identical active zones: experimental and control (see the picture below). Each active zone is a massive of dielectric nanopillars optimized for the excitation laser wavelength of 532 nm. The control zone will be applied with virus-free fluid and the experimental one - with the investigated fluid (with viruses or without them). The most significant advantage of our biochips is their durability: you can reuse them an infinite number of times! Raman spectroscopy measurements will be carried out using our Portable Raman Spectrometer 532 with a special attachment. We will provide more detailed information about this experiment after the study's end and its publication in a scientific periodical.

RamanLife SERS biochip

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