Jewelry brands choose RamanLife!

NEWS Oct 31, 2022

At all times, jewelry has attracted people with its beauty, sophistication and uniqueness. Jewelry not only emphasizes the individuality of people and attracts more attention to them, but also it is a great investment. The cut, clarity, color, and carat weight determine the price. Natural gemstones with good characteristics are very rare, so they are of the great value. State-of-the-art technologies have advanced so far that fakes in the jewelry industry have reached a completely new level. Previously, experienced jewelers could easily distinguish imitations of gemstones from natural ones with the help of conventional tools such as precision scales, magnifying glasses, microscopes, etc. Nowadays perfect artifial stones are indiscernible from natural gemstones by traditional methods. Raman Spectroscopy is the most precise technique of identifying stones. The most reputable independent gemological laboratories in the world such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), and others necessarily conduct Raman spectroscopy to certify stones and determine their origin.

The independent gemological testing is quite expensive, which significantly increases the cost of the gemstones. For this reason, jewelers don’t certificate stones with a price below $10,000 - $20,000. This is justified if they have extensive experience, are able to distinguish ordinary fakes and imitations from natural stones, have reliable and trusted suppliers. However, the majority of clients aren’t professionals in gemology, and everyone is afraid of being deceived. Premium jewelry brands value the trust of their customers, so they choose Portable and Handheld Raman Spectrometers of RamanLife. Within seconds you can demonstrate the authenticity of the gemstone to your clients without any preparations. Increase the confidence of your customers with RamanLife!

Gemstones identification with RamanLife Handheld spectrometer

Spessartine and Aquamarine identification with the RamanLife Handheld spectrometer RL532.

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